Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Poetry Expressed Magazine Annual Reading: Vol 4, Spring 2019: April 1st

4/1/19 PoetryExpressed magazine release reading hosts Gary & Bruce

All poets who are within are invited to read their poem at this session. Open mic, if any, will be limited to any time remaining after all of our Poetry Expressed Magazine published poets have read. This should be a well attended evening, come early if you are dining so that you can find a table seat.
The work with is excellent! 

Poets include: Adele Mendelson, Andrena Zawinski, Barbara Saunders 2019, Britt Peter, Bruce Fessenden, Bruce Isaacson, Carol Criss, Cathy Cade, Chris Chandler, Chris Dupuy, Chris Warren Smith, Clive Matson, D. Jayne McPherson, D. Leah Steinberg, Dale Jensen, Dan O’Connell, David Zeltzer, Deborah Fruchey, Dee Allen, Dorty Nowak, elana levy, Florence Elon, Garrett Murphy, Gary Turchin, Grace Marie Grafton, Gray Rosado, Indunil Madhusankha, Jack O’Neill, Jan Dederick, Jan Steckel, Jean Biegun, Jeannette DesBoine, Jim Barnard, John (Jake) Cosmos, John Rowe, Juan Sequeira, Judy Wells, Kelliane Parker, Larry Beresford, leoroarbig , Lori Lynne Armstrong, Marilyn Flower, Marty Williams, Melissa Hobbs, Mimi Gonzalez-Barillas, Richard Loranger, Riss Rosado,
Saswati Das, Sharon Metzler-Dow, Tureeda Mikell Story Medicine Woman, Yarko Sochynsky,
Zephir O'Meara

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