Tuesday, December 30, 2014

1/5/15 Sandra Anfang Featured -- note Temp. location at 1800 University Ave.

1/5/15 Sandra Anfang hosted by Jan AT TEMPORARY LOCATION:

Sande Anfang is a lifelong Sunday poet who began to write fervently about two years ago. She is an online poem-a-day junkie, and, aside from a few workshops here and there, is mostly self-taught. She hosts Rivetown Poets: A-Muse-ing Mondays, a monthly poetry series in Petaluma. Sande has self-published four collections of poetry and is now wading in the somewhat unsettling waters of poetry submission. Her poems have appeared in the The Shine Journal, Poetalk, San Francisco Peace and Hope, and West Trestle Review.
Sande is inspired by the mundane: animal, mineral, vegetable. She likes to explore oddities and malformed things, stripping them down to their humanity. She is also inspired by human foibles, especially her own.

The Dare

What do they have to do
to wake us
from the drug of blindness
excise our cataracts?

inertia jams the gate.

They die by billions
from hive collapse
disappear as contraband
stolen by men in inspectors’ clothing
make back-page news.

Listen to their warnings
buzzed out in a code
cracked by jeweled dwarves:

Save the flowers

Save us from ourselves.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Malke Singer Featured 12/29

12/29/14 Malke Singer  hosted by Odilia 

Malke Singer a Jewitch lesbian who lives in Oakland, is currently experiencing a delicious if precariously balanced phase of great happiness living in Upper Peralta Creek neighborhood in her own little hundred year old Victorian cottage with her dog and tortoise. Loves heights and ladders. In her day job she works as an Occupational Therapist with preschoolers. She writes and is a student of drumming of the African Diaspora and Middle East.

Our location remains Himalayan Flavors for Singer's feature.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NO P.E. Dec 22 Happy Holidays, But please read important announcement

Reminder   NO Poetry Express on 12/22 – next meeting is 12/29

12/29/14 Malke Singer hosted by Odilia (full info and reminder email next week)

IMPORTANT: During January 2015 P.E. has to convene at an alternate location because of retro-fit and remodeling at Himalayan Flavors, after which the restaurant will no longer have kitchen noise in the private back room. We had discussion on this issue last night and several alternatives are being explored and we will conclude and announce where we will be in January on or before our 12/29 meeting at Himalayan Flavors. 
All are invited to comment by responding to this email or by talking / emailing/ phoning any of the hosts.  Your comments are important and we are considering: distance from current location, food or no food options, cost or no cost of location, noise levels, seating capacity, and preferences of our members.

Last night we had a great evening with Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet as our feature plus lots of good open mic readings.  Lisa will be hosting several courses early in 2015 and the info is below:
1. Private poetry workshop
• Oakland, CA - 2nd and 4th Mondays, 7-10 PM
• 8-class session 2/9-6/1 (no class 5/25) $380 
This is an ongoing group, by invitation (if you’re getting this email, you’re invited). You can sign up for sessions every few months as they’re offered. We’ll focus on workshopping new and revised poems, supported by occasional in-person writing prompts and occasional discussion of published work. This is a great opportunity to develop your writing community and make space for your work, in a convivial, supportive, and rigorous setting. Plus: snacks.
More info at http://lisagluskinstonestreet.com/workshop/ - email me at lisa@lisagluskinstonestreet.com to sign up, or let me know if you have any questions.
2. UC Extension Poetry Revision Intensive
• Berkeley, CA - Wednesdays 7-10 PM
• 6-class session 3/25-5/6 (no class 4/8) $395
This is a six-week intensive course, the companion to my fall Poetry Generation Intensive. It’s quite similar, though as the name suggests, we’ll focus on revising your existing drafts, supported by reading and discussion on the process of revision (= much more than fiddling with synonyms).
 Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet  

7-9 PM, Mondays except major holidays.

1585 University Ave. in Berkeley, 
(near the corner of California)
Off-street parking available in parking lot 
adjacent to the restaurant. 

Hosts: Jim Barnard, Jan Dedrick, Nance Wogan, Odilia Galván Rodríguez, Bruce Bagnell

Poetry Express regulars with coming features at other venues: Let us know during our meetings or email Bruce and we will list them.  Thanks.

Gary Turchin:
Gary is at Expressions Gallery, Friday Dec. 19, 7 pm, 2035 Ashby Ave.
Berkeley, CA, Open mike, too….

Coming up
In-depth and longer listings at http://poetryexpressberkeley.blogspot.com includes pictures and sample poems.
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The short list below: 
12/22/14 NO PE, Happy Holidays!
12/29/14 Malke Singer hosted by Odilia  At Himalayan Flavors.
1/5/15 Sandra Anfang hosted by Jan Temporary location to be announced.
(note in January 2015 our venue site will be improved with better sound separation from the kitchen and other dining area. During this month we will be meeting nearby, location to follow shortly – standby…)
1/12/15 Lina Campopiano hosted by Jim  Temporary location to be announced.
1/19/15 –  Lisa Marie Rollins  hosted by Odilia Temporary location to be announced.
1/26/15 – theme night tba hosted by Nance Temporary location to be announced.
2/2/15 – Sherri Rose-Walker hosted by Jan Back at Himalayan Flavors.
2/9/14 – Amos White hosted by Jim
2/16/15 –  TBA hosted by Odilia or Bruce
2/23/15 – TBA hosted by Nance
3/2/15 – David Rosenthal hosted by Jan
3/9/15 – Julia Vinograd hosted by Jim
3/16/15 –  John Martinez – hosted by Odilia
3/23/15 – theme night hosed by Nance
3/30/15 – TBA hosted by Nance
4/6/15 – TBA hosted by Jan
4/13/15 Diana Whitney hosted by Jim
4/20/15 – TBA hosted Odilia or Bruce
4/27/15 – theme night hosted by Nance
5/4/15 – Katherine Hastings hosted by Jan
6/1/15 Grace Grafton hosted by Jan
PLEASE NOTE that blanks in the schedule are not necessarily open and available, often we have pending invitations waiting for confirmation for these dates.

NOTE: FOR MUCH MORE EXTENSIVE LISTINGS AND INFO USE OUR BLOG http://poetryexpressberkeley.blogspot.com/


Bay Area Poets Coalition (BAPC) open reading, 3-5 minutes, first 
Saturday of the month, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Strawberry Creek Lodge,
1320 Addison Street, Berkeley. Park on the street, not in the SCL
parking lot. Check in at front desk for meeting location -- usually
4th Floor Movie Room. More info:
www.bayareapoetscoalition.org / (510) 527-9905

The Last Word Reading Series at Nefeli Caffe, 1854 Euclid Ave.
north of Hearst, Berkeley, every 2nd Friday of the month.
Featured poets followed by an open reading. Admission free, but
one-drink or one-plate minimum is suggested. Cafe phone is
(510) 841-6374. Co-hosts: Dale Jensen, Ralph Dranow, John
Rowe, Grace Grafton.

Frank Bette Center for the Arts has poetry readings on the 2nd and
4th Saturday of every month, 7-9 pm, features followed by open
mic, 1601 Paru at Lincoln in Alameda.  Hosted by Jeanne Lupton.

Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review article on local readings series now
available on line at 
Check out the rest of the fabulous issue while you're at it! 

First Wednesday Formal HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED
 meets 1st Wed. each month. 
Structured verse.
St Alban's Episcopal Church
1501 Washington Avenue, Albany

Spanish, Spanglish y Lo Que Sea, 3:30–5:30PM. Casa Latina, 1805
San Pablo Ave. @ Delaware in Berkeley.  No cover (donations
for flyers accepted). Hosted by Avotcja. Features plus open mic, 2nd
and 4th Sundays.

Expressions Art Gallery reading, feature plus open mike. Refreshments
served. Expressions is located at 2035 Ashby Avenue near the Ashby
BART station in Berkeley. 7-9PM on the 3rd Friday of the month.

Poetry Unbound, feature poets and brief open mic, first Sunday of the
month, Art House Gallery, 2905 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley.  $5. Also has cultural, musical & other events, check
arthouse2905@gmail.com  (510) 472-3170

Other Events may be found at a variety of sites:
also suggested: sign up for announcements at http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/email.jsp?m=1103584185668
www.omniverse.us (monthly web mag)


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weekly announcements. If you receive our announcements directly
from our Google group, and wish to unsubscribe, please follow the
instructions below.
Poetry Express gives permission to other poetry lists to share this
announcement with their list members. Thank you for helping spread
the word about us! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet features 12/15

12/15/2014 Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet 

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet's book The Greenhouse won the 2014 Frost Place Chapbook Contest and is forthcoming from by Bull City Press in September.  
Lisa’s first book, Tulips, Water, Ash, was selected by Jean Valentine for the Morse Poetry Prize. She has been awarded a Javits fellowship and a Phelan Award; her work has appeared in The Kenyon Review, Quarterly West, The Iowa Review, and 32 Poems and in the anthologies Best New Poets and The Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry. (www.lisagluskinstonestreet.com)  Judge David Baker praised The Greenhouse “for its interplay of restlessness and patience, its mapping of an interiority both shared and dearly personal, and its lyric and maternal primacy. Primacy is the circumstance, yet doubleness is the story, the double birth of the poet’s infant son and her own coming-back-to-language. The poems of The Greenhouse are profound, fundamental works, born of a deep interiority and making their intricate ways, phrase by phrase, toward a design both organic and artful.”

Microchimerism is the persistent presence of a few genetically distinct cells in 
an organism... cells containing the male Y chromosome were found circulating 
in the blood of women after pregnancy.

I want them out. I want
to be myself, my self
again. My old untethered,

young untied. I lie: I want

nothing more—or want 
no more the point. 
Dendritic, en-

twined, signed on
for the duration. Bright
tangle, snaking line 

of fire. The crucible

does not ask 
for want. Is. Tied in, 
shot through. Fired.