Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10/31/16 Poetry with Form.

10/31 maverick night Formal Night (your poem within a poetry form) 

Maverick & Prompt nights the group nominates a work which then is eligible for publication in our on-line magazine at the end of the year.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10/24/2016 Prompt night: Stacking Rocks

Always open mic, Always free.
10/24 Prompt: Stacking Rocks

(prompts are thought directions and your poem does not have to include the words of the prompt – use prompts as a cliff and jump off!) Maverick & Prompt nights the group nominates a work which then is eligible for publication in our on-line magazine at the end of the year.  hosted by Liz

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

David Zeitzer features 10/17/2016

Free event, open mic before and after feature.
10/17 David Zeitzer hosted by Bruce

   I started writing poems in grade school and I've never stopped. My writing continued but slowed down in grad school, and during my years in Boston working on human/computer interface design.   I’ve returned to the Bay Area, writing at full speed, and reading everywhere I can.

             While I was living in Eugene, Oregon, I co-founded the editorial collective that published 10 Point 5: A Magazine of the ArtsWe published 7 issues from 1976-78, including poetry, images, and interviews with local filmmakers, dancers, Robert Bly, and the novelist Ursula Le Guin. My poems have appeared in Troubador Anthology, The Goodly Company, Mr. Cogito, Echo, 10 Point 5, Uut Poetry and Fur-lined Ghettos. You can get my digital chapbook, Realtime Babies, from iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and amazon -- you can hear me read all the poems in that volume at   On May 30, 2016, I was the featured poet in the San Francisco Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV Show on youtube, in the segment hotsted by Clara Hsu.

melt the poured titanium

overgrown life has graves

growing normal pilots in paris

i can’t find trees inside us

to reach molybdenum anywhere

or salvage the ancient robot wheatfield violin dances

there’s not enough mustard gas

in the student aircraft wires

to guide us through the stalingrad meteors

i talked to her this week so please rescue us

and start over

tiny little machines listen to my favorite dying hole

the laser found my hot

stellar tape will say my name

and push the wrong button under the green bushes

i like to think i have no friend to meet

someday all my radios will sing stillness

stop the microscope satellite

under small trees

and marry the silent deathbed

gathered in dark mountain gunshots

— san jose

may 2015

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Always Free, always Open Mic before and after feature.
10/10 Jeannette DesBoine Featured Reader  hosted by Bruce
7pm to 9pm, Himalayan Flavors 1585 University Ave, Berkeley, Ca  Every Monday 

Jeannette DesBoine admits to being “possessed by the love of words and haunted by the spirit of the printed page.” TheUniversity of Texas @ El Paso alumna describes herself as an English teacher by education, a writer by definition, and a poet with a passion for theater and spoken word. See more at

the BIO poem

I want my bio to read: “I don’t remember!”
I think I don’t remember is better than I don’t care...don’t you?

Seventy silver black-lights ignite the parameters of my time.
Those same silver black-lights have singed the retina of my left eye.

I try to remember why I am wherever I am...
but recall settles just outside my grasp.

So I write my bio in lines I don’t remember...
I think I don’t remember is better than I don’t care

...don’t you?

© 08/15/16: jd