Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wulf Losee feaures 10/3/2016

Always Free, Always with Open Mic before and after feature.
10/3    Wulf Losee   hosted by Jan

Wulf Losee lives and works in the Bay Area. His poems and short stories have appeared in journals such as Crack the Spine, Forge, FRiGG, Full Moon, The New Guard, The North Coast Literary Review, Oak Square, OxMag, Pennsylvania English, Poetalk Magazine, Westview, Rio Grande Review, and SLAB.
Wulf believes that language is humanity's oldest art, and should be honored for what it is—whether it be a child's first nonsense rhyme or songs sung by hunter-gatherers around camp fires—whether it be the verse of Milton or Big Daddy Kane. For Wulf, open mics are the camp fires where the hunter-gatherers of language celebrate their hunt. Most of our words disappear into nothing, but sometimes they stay with us forever.

                   EPISTEMOLOGY #6

                   under the Brugmansia
                   the sorcery of angel trumpets
                   descends in waterfalls

                   I sit, writing longhand
                   in the patio’s thickening yellow
                   while an empire of porch lights

                   enslaves the pollinating moths

Thursday, September 22, 2016

9/26/2016 Prompt Night "Here Comes The Judge"

Free, No tickets needed, Open Mic for all.

9/26 Prompt: Here Comes The Judge hosted by Liz  

 (prompts are thought directions and your poem does not have to include the words of the prompt – use prompts as a cliff and jump off!)   Maverick & Prompt nights the group nominates a work which then is eligible for publication in our on-line magazine at the end of the yearthe year.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

James Cagney features 9/19/2016

9/19 James Cagney  hosted by Liz

Cave Canem fellow James Cagney is a poet and writer from Oakland.  He
has appeared as a featured poet and artist in San Francisco,
Vancouver, Chicago and Mumbai.  His poems have appeared in Print
Oriented Bastards, Tandem, Eleven Eleven, and Ambush Review.  His

current chapbook is entitled Dirty Thunderstorm.

The Florist
james cagney

after smoking
whatever it was
down to its last flake
of ash

he comes into the flower shop
approaches the florist, and says:

what flower
cuts thru the bullshit
between people

and says:
I don't hate you
despite never saying that I love you

that apologizes
being sorry

means love
without saying it
and says love
but without

meaning death

and the florist says
the yellow chrysanthemum

Monday, September 5, 2016

Catharine Lucas features 9/12/2016

9/12 Catharine Lucas hosted by Jim

Catharine Lucas, a Professor of English, emerita, at San Francisco State University, has work published or forthcoming in Cloudbank 9, Reunion Journal (Dallas Review), Women in the Arts Quarterly, Zone 3, Alembic, Burning Word and Willow Review, among others, and online in Persimmon Tree and Digital Paper. (www.catharinelucas.com) An ex-patriate Southerner, she writes, "After years teaching writers and writing teachers in the Bay Area, I embrace the writer’s life for myself, sustained by Zen practice, medieval singing, my grown son, and a Berkeley garden that mirrors life’s constant loss and renewal. www.catharinelucas.com