Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Poetry Expressed Magazine Annual Reading: Vol 4, Spring 2019: April 1st

4/1/19 PoetryExpressed magazine release reading hosts Gary & Bruce

All poets who are within are invited to read their poem at this session. Open mic, if any, will be limited to any time remaining after all of our Poetry Expressed Magazine published poets have read. This should be a well attended evening, come early if you are dining so that you can find a table seat.
The work with is excellent! 

Poets include: Adele Mendelson, Andrena Zawinski, Barbara Saunders 2019, Britt Peter, Bruce Fessenden, Bruce Isaacson, Carol Criss, Cathy Cade, Chris Chandler, Chris Dupuy, Chris Warren Smith, Clive Matson, D. Jayne McPherson, D. Leah Steinberg, Dale Jensen, Dan O’Connell, David Zeltzer, Deborah Fruchey, Dee Allen, Dorty Nowak, elana levy, Florence Elon, Garrett Murphy, Gary Turchin, Grace Marie Grafton, Gray Rosado, Indunil Madhusankha, Jack O’Neill, Jan Dederick, Jan Steckel, Jean Biegun, Jeannette DesBoine, Jim Barnard, John (Jake) Cosmos, John Rowe, Juan Sequeira, Judy Wells, Kelliane Parker, Larry Beresford, leoroarbig , Lori Lynne Armstrong, Marilyn Flower, Marty Williams, Melissa Hobbs, Mimi Gonzalez-Barillas, Richard Loranger, Riss Rosado,
Saswati Das, Sharon Metzler-Dow, Tureeda Mikell Story Medicine Woman, Yarko Sochynsky,
Zephir O'Meara

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mary Mackey features 3/25

In The Jaguars That Prowl Our Dreams,Mary Mackey writes of life, death, love, and passion with intensity and grace. Her poems are hugely imaginative and multi-layered. Part One contains forty-eight new poems including twenty-one set in Western Kentucky from 1742 to 1975; and twenty-six unified by an exploration of the tropical jungle outside and within us, plus a surreal and sometimes hallucinatory appreciation of the visionary power of fever. Part Two offers the reader seventy-eight poems drawn from Mackey’s seven previous collections including Sugar Zone, winner of the 2012 Oakland PEN Award for Literary Excellence.

Mary Mackey recently posted the following news:

     I have a lot of good news. It's been a wild ride since September when Marsh Hawk Press published my new collection of poetry The Jaguars That Prowl Our Dreams: New and Selected Poems 1974 to 2018.
        First, Jaguars sold out the day it was published. Then it made the Small Press Distribution bestseller list. A few weeks later it won a California Institute of Integral Studies Women's Spirituality Book Award.
      Since then, I've been on public radio three times, done 36 events, and given talks on everything from creativity and craft to Mirabai, army ants, and Goddess worship in Prehistoric Europe.
     Jaguars is now into its 4th printing. On May 9th, I'll be in New York where Harpers Magazine is sponsoring a reading and interview with me at Book Culture on Columbus. But my favorite event title is the one the librarians at  California State University Sacramento came up with for an event I'm doing for them on April 10th: "Jaguars in the Library: Poetry, Passion, and Archives." Librarians you rock! It just doesn't get better than that.

"Fever and Jungles: On Becoming a Poet": I describe the strange things I see when my fever rises above 106 degrees and how these visions, combined with the jungles of Costa Rica and Brazil, turned me into a poet.

Listen to me read 27 poems from The Jaguars That Prowl Our Dreams at, and check out Chaucer and Emily Dickinson while you're there.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

3/18/19 Lenore Weiss features

3/18/19 Lenore Weiss hosted by Bruce

Lenore  recently won first prize in the Alexandria Quarterly Press small stories series for her flash fiction chapbook, Holding on to the Fringes of Love.  Lenore has read in different cities across the country and performed on the radio. Her three poetry collections form a trilogy about being mortal: Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island (West End Press, 2012); Two Places (Aldrich Press, 2014), and The Golem (Hadassa Word Press, 2017). In reviewing Two Places, Nina Serrano wrote, “Weiss’ mind travels like the speed of light from the real, to the symbolic and the surreal.” Lenore tutors middle-school students and volunteers at Oakland’s writing center, Chapter510.

Black is the Color

Black is the color of my true love's hair
and Marlon Brando's motorcycle jacket,
each tooth a silver zipper.

Black is the color of roadies
drinking beer down the street
at the Big Dipper.

Black is the color of Johnny Cash 
who kept praying for 'Nam
to be over in a flicker.

Black is the color of T-shirts
of high-tech workers
designing glass slippers.

Black is the color of a woman
stoned on a red carpet
because a veil didn't fit her.

Black is the color of people who fade
behind the sidelines of center stage.
Black is the color of our grueling age.

And sorry, I drive a Ferrari.
Bob Dylan (or insert another name)
didn't wear black to the Grammys.

He wore gold.