Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Elizabeth Alford Features Nov 27

11/27/2017  Elizabeth Alford  hosted by J. D.
(Need a prompt? "The light in the basement" -- as in any use or thought of it -- you don't have to use those words.)

A longtime fan of short poetry, Elizabeth Alford (Hayward, CA) usually writes on her laptop, but in its absence will settle for her cell phone. Her work has recently appeared in print in POETALK, and various online venues such as brass bell: a haiku journalhaikuniverse, and the cherita: your storybook journal. Please visit her author page @ Facebook.com/ElizabethAlfordPoetry

Heaven is My Mother’s Apple Pie
by Elizabeth Alford

Once a year 
(and only under the best 
possible circumstances) 
my mother makes 
her apple pie, and that first 
bite—oh! how buttery 
and crumbly the crust, how 
spicy the forbidden fruit 
filling still warm from the oven 
and swirls of cinnamon, 
sweet and tang waltzing to flavor 
on the ballroom floor 
of my tongue—is almost enough 
to make me sing praise 
to a god I don’t believe in, 
even though I know 
deep in my heart 
and in my stomach 
that if there is an afterlife, 
it is after Thanksgiving dinner 
and that my mother 
is a god of gods 
who can bake the whole 
of the universe 
into a pie.

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