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12/23/19 Aileen Cassinetto Features

12/23/19 Aileen Cassinetto hosted by Gary

Aileen Cassinetto is the first Asian-American appointed to the post of Poet Laureate of San Mateo County. Having grown up in the Philippines during Martial Law, she seeks not only to make poetry more accessible to people in their everyday lives, but to advocate for social justice and diversity. Widely anthologized, she is the author of the poetry collections, Traje de Boda andThe Pink House of Purple Yam Preserves & Other Poems, as well as three chapbooks through Moria Books’ acclaimed Locofo series. Aileen is also the publisher of Paloma Press, an independent literary press established in 2016 which has released 17 books to date.

Hate is lead-wrapped

follows a corkscrew path
all 1/25th of a human heart 
to tear apart skin, sinew
bone, prized tissue
rips as it leaves 
a bleeding vessel that is
the weight of someone’s love.

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