Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Georgette Howington Feartures 10/21

10/21/2019 Georgette Howington hosted by Bruce

Georgette Howington is a UC Davis California Naturalist of the Mt. Diablo Region.  Her poems are published in Iodine, Sleet, Poeming Pigeons, Sacred Grounds, among others.  Her poems placed at the North American Women’s Music Festival, Ina Coolbrith Poetry Contests and the Benicia Love Poem Contest 2018.  As a horticulturist, her niche is Backyard Habitat and secondary-cavity nesters.  She is a County Coordinator and the Assistant State Program Director for the California Bluebird Recovery Program (www.cbrp.org) and an activist in the conservation community in the SF Bay Area for over 30 years.  Georgette is also a published garden and environmental writer.  

“It Bears Noting the Wolf Moon”
   By Georgette Howington

When the ancient tongue of sage,
wormwood and rosemary drops
below whispers, we can trust them
to tend us.  The dry deep-rooted tangle
of cosmos and sunflowers stretches
the attention offering an unobstructed
view of the blue and vast winter world.

January exhales.

And the Wolf Moon yawns in a white
glow of a frost biting night, while the
garden leaps into the season with a
shiver.  How soft the earth is after
a first rain and how nothing listens
better than a quiet moment when
tendrils of silence leave room for

(Sacred Grounds Anthology, 2019)

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