Wednesday, June 19, 2019

6/24 Kitty Costello features. Note Venue location.

 6/24 We will be at 1800 University ave, berkeley, 
Due to remodeling at Himalayan Flavors.
Doors to side room slide apart, do not swing open. 

6/24/19 Kitty Costello hosted by Gary

Kitty Costello's recent poetry collection, Upon Waking, is gathered from writing done during the 40 years she has lived in the Bay Area. She's a tai chi teacher and psychotherapist, and she worked for decades for the public library. She has served for nearly 30 years on the editorial board of Freedom Voices, whose mission is to publish works that speak to and from communities on the margins. She is currently coediting a collection called Muslim American Writers at Home.


If we can meet
and find our own dark treasure,
heal our own dark scars,
our hearts will be mending

cracks in the world.

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