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02/26/2018 Chris Warren Smith

02/26/2018 Chris Warren Smith hosted by Gary  

Chris Warren Smith has been a featured writer for Steve Arnston, Gina Goldblatt, Paul Corman Roberts, Bay Area Generations and Charise Sowells Malouf(Lake Lady)
He has been published in the Oakland Review, and East Fork Press. He first kid's book: A Tennis Lesson can be found in the Magic Blox children's library.
You can find more of his writing at his blog on

Human Nature is smiling, holding out a closed fist.

Inside is a coin.

On one side is love and the other is fear.

Until she opens her hand the coin is two sided, representing duality.

It is in a state of superposition.

Only when she opens her hand will you witness your truth.

And you will see either fear or love.

Because observing the system changes the system.

What will you change today?

The Earth gave you your path to walk.
The World put in a toll booth.
The Earth created beautiful women.
The World made you shy.
The Earth gave you a mind to be free.
The World gave you an ego to be it’s slave.
The Earth gave you a voice to speak your truth.
The World gave you an ear the didn’t want to hear.
The Earth gave you eyes to see your vision.
The World gave you rules to keep it at bay.
The Earth gave you a beautiful child.
The World took him back.
You say “ you’ve had enough of this life”.
And I say to you “You don’t belong to yourself.
You belong to the Earth and you belong to the World”.

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