Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tureeda Mikel features 9/11/2017

9/11/2017 Tureeda Mikell hosted by Jim
(Need a prompt? "Lower Case  " -- you don't have to use those words.)

Tureeda Mikell Aka Toreadah, Story Medicine Woman, is an award winning poet, called activist for Holism, by Native Palestinian.  South African Professor at Cal State Long Beach called her a Woman Of Truths.  Ngugi wa Thiongo renown author and professor called her the Word Magician.   Published nationally and internationally, audience member said     “ Tureeda is hell bent on asserting life!”  

Excerpts from poem

Poly Tics

Spell a word cast a spel, in the tic toc
Know the roots begin to pursue
The meaning of the lock
Know and see a lustful deed
Of a language and its plots
Begin to understand
What the language commands
In the poly tics against the tokos!!

By Tureeda aka ToReadah,            

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