Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lily Fangz a Surprise Feature 11/28 (plus our usual prompt night open mic)

11/28 Surprise Feature: Lily Fangz!: Plus,"Pool" is the prompt. (prompts are thought directions and your poem does not have to include the words of the prompt – use prompts as a cliff and jump off!) 

 Wordsmith, Painter, Poet, Speaker, HipHop Artist
See Lily Fangz TED Talk at the address below.
Lily has had roles in “Deliver Us” and “Alfosantory: City of Broken Dreams.”
Also see her facebook site at Lileana Fangz
For more info see  http://www.planetfangz.org/

Maverick & Prompt nights the group nominates a work which then is eligible for publication in our on-line magazine at the end of the year.  hosted by J.D.

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