Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Always Free, always Open Mic before and after feature.
10/10 Jeannette DesBoine Featured Reader  hosted by Bruce
7pm to 9pm, Himalayan Flavors 1585 University Ave, Berkeley, Ca  Every Monday 

Jeannette DesBoine admits to being “possessed by the love of words and haunted by the spirit of the printed page.” TheUniversity of Texas @ El Paso alumna describes herself as an English teacher by education, a writer by definition, and a poet with a passion for theater and spoken word. See more at https://www.amazon.com/author/jeannettedesboine

the BIO poem

I want my bio to read: “I don’t remember!”
I think I don’t remember is better than I don’t care...don’t you?

Seventy silver black-lights ignite the parameters of my time.
Those same silver black-lights have singed the retina of my left eye.

I try to remember why I am wherever I am...
but recall settles just outside my grasp.

So I write my bio in lines I don’t remember...
I think I don’t remember is better than I don’t care

...don’t you?

© 08/15/16: jd

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