Thursday, September 15, 2016

James Cagney features 9/19/2016

9/19 James Cagney  hosted by Liz

Cave Canem fellow James Cagney is a poet and writer from Oakland.  He
has appeared as a featured poet and artist in San Francisco,
Vancouver, Chicago and Mumbai.  His poems have appeared in Print
Oriented Bastards, Tandem, Eleven Eleven, and Ambush Review.  His

current chapbook is entitled Dirty Thunderstorm.

The Florist
james cagney

after smoking
whatever it was
down to its last flake
of ash

he comes into the flower shop
approaches the florist, and says:

what flower
cuts thru the bullshit
between people

and says:
I don't hate you
despite never saying that I love you

that apologizes
being sorry

means love
without saying it
and says love
but without

meaning death

and the florist says
the yellow chrysanthemum

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