Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jeramy DeCristo featured 6/6/16

6/6 Jeramy DeCristo hosted by Bruce

 Jeramy DeCristo is a black Bay Area-based artist and writer working in sound, text, image, structure and movement. The conceptual dimensions of his work, whether art installation or poetry, emerge largely from thinking and rethinking blackness as a profoundly radical aesthetic form and material; specifically he thinks through the formal, material and epistemological worlds made possible in and through black music. He also makes music under his own name and the pseudonym OKeh. DeCristo is currently a University of California President’s Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Literature Department at UC San Diego where he is working on a book about black experimental music, entitled Blackness and the Writing of Sound in Modernity. He obtained his PhD from the History of Consciousness Program at UC Santa Cruz in 2015.

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