Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Stephanie Manning Features 3/7

3/7/16 Stephanie Manning hosted by Jan

Stephanie Manning has been writing poetry for 25 years and a well-known face at Bay Area open mikes since 2000.  The goal of her work is humility via observations in nature, in politics and the overwhelming consequences of time moving forward.  Her work focuses on revolutions that begin within one's self as they take on more global concerns.  With unfolding consciousness, she sees herself in the natural phenomena that surround her.  Of primary concern is educating people about the 425 ancient native shellmounds that surround S.F.Bay and helping the Ohlone people reclaim their heritage.  This poet holds many jobs in the effort to survive but, as she says, her one goal in life is to write one really good poem.  Come hear her endeavor to reach these goals and more.

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  1. I missed your reading because I didn't want to share a juicy cold.
    Any plans for another? Did you rescue Ericka, a sweet Rottie? I'd like to keep/be in touch. Ruth Bird, rjbtinythings@gmail.com