Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet features 12/15

12/15/2014 Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet 

Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet's book The Greenhouse won the 2014 Frost Place Chapbook Contest and is forthcoming from by Bull City Press in September.  
Lisa’s first book, Tulips, Water, Ash, was selected by Jean Valentine for the Morse Poetry Prize. She has been awarded a Javits fellowship and a Phelan Award; her work has appeared in The Kenyon Review, Quarterly West, The Iowa Review, and 32 Poems and in the anthologies Best New Poets and The Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry. (www.lisagluskinstonestreet.com)  Judge David Baker praised The Greenhouse “for its interplay of restlessness and patience, its mapping of an interiority both shared and dearly personal, and its lyric and maternal primacy. Primacy is the circumstance, yet doubleness is the story, the double birth of the poet’s infant son and her own coming-back-to-language. The poems of The Greenhouse are profound, fundamental works, born of a deep interiority and making their intricate ways, phrase by phrase, toward a design both organic and artful.”

Microchimerism is the persistent presence of a few genetically distinct cells in 
an organism... cells containing the male Y chromosome were found circulating 
in the blood of women after pregnancy.

I want them out. I want
to be myself, my self
again. My old untethered,

young untied. I lie: I want

nothing more—or want 
no more the point. 
Dendritic, en-

twined, signed on
for the duration. Bright
tangle, snaking line 

of fire. The crucible

does not ask 
for want. Is. Tied in, 
shot through. Fired. 

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