Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dave and Chappell Holt Featured at Poetry Express Monday, 4/7

4/7/14 Dave and Chappell Holt
Dave Holt studied piano at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory. The 60’s brought rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz and a move to Northern California, while honing his songwriting skills. He toured with the country rock band, Frontier, fronted by Mitch Greenhill & Mayne Smith; was accompaniest to blues singer Pamela Polland and her cabaret show, The Melba Rounds Revue; fronted his own bands and began an original singer/songwriter partnership with Chappell in 1980. Later he earned an SFSU BA and Master’s in Creative Writing (1993, M.A.1995) and has become a published, award-winning poet, often in demand to read and perform his poetry accompanied by his drum. Sometimes Chappell accompanies him on guitar, autoharp & dulcimer. His book, Voyages to Ancestral Islands: Poems & Poetry, which won a Literary/Cultural Arts Award from Artists Embassy International (SF, 2013) is available at Amazon.com, http://www.amazon.com/voyages-ancestral-islands-poems-prose/dp/1448637279 and also at Barnes and Noble website. 
The daughter of a minister, Chappell grew up singing gospel music. Frequent moves took her Navy family to San Diego. With a guitar, dulcimer, and autoharp she left for Northern California during the 70’s folk music revival inspired by the new singer/songwriters and the soulfulness of jazz. She began an exploration of merging poetry with music in songwriting which continues to this day. She is also an artist, a professional seamstress, and clothing designer. Some of her paintings are displayed in the website Pictures section at http://www.chappellanddaveholt.com/pictures.

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