Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Poetry Express features Jeanne Lupton Monday, Feb. 17th

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2/17/14 Jeanne Lupton

 Jeanne Lupton is a poet and performer well known in the Bay Area, especially for her tanka. She hosts a Poetry and Prose reading serices at the Frank Bette Center in Alameda on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month as well as being deeply involved in many other groups. Her reviews speak for themselves:

"The sensuous work of Jeanne Lupton deeply touches the secret center of things. From the mystic tradition we know that there are a thousand paths, yet but one destination. Love, and its consequences, reverberate in these brief, evocative lines. For those with whom they do not resound we can only shake our heads at life unlived. Standing on the shoulders of her sisters before her, Jeanne Lupton enriches the centuries old traditon of the tanka; in these illuminating pages, the Way of the Lover is revealed." (Don Wentworth of the Lilliput Review)

"Lupton's keenly observed details of her life serve as a lens focusing greater human truths; she is not just a woman, but Everywoman. She journeys through her life with the intensely emotional but never sentimental heart of a poet, faithfully recording her truths that speak to all women." (M. Kei)
Jeanne has won many awards and prizes and has a number of books.  See www.JeanneLupton.com   for more.
Poetry Express thanks Jeanne for stepping in quickly to substitute for Jeanie Shaterian, who unfortunately could not make it on this date.  We hope to hear her soon.

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