Maverick nights, Poetry Magazine

Poetry Express will be 15 this 2017 year. Thanks to all who have featured, attended, read during open mic, and contributed to our long run supporting poetry and poets.

Poetry Express is proud to feature a variety of poets on the first four Mondays of each month.

Maverick nights are on the 4 months of the year which have 5 mondays, See the Calendar for information on these events which feature a variety of activity.

 See our site for the coming line-up, information, and more. All nights include open mic before and after the features. 

You can also find us on Facebook as Poetry Express Berkeley, and 

If you wish to be on our email list please provide your email to one of our hosts or email us at   is our on-line magazine. Starting in 2017 the magazine, which is published once a year, will focus on poems selected by our editors from both open mic and feature readings at our venue.  
Our intention is to publish poems which "knocked our socks off."  

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